An experiment in copyright….

Removed imported Fonts
1 Changed the link color from #009bd9 to #009bdc
2 Changed new page color from #b30000 to #b30001
3,4 Changed H tags from color #222 to #222222 and removed the 'Amaranth' font
5 Removed the "Helvetica Neue" font from the body
6 Container wrap changed from 800 to 801
7 Removed the line .page-watch-options, #page-info, #login-status, #page-tags { display: none !important; }
8 Changed header height from 120 to 119
9 Moved header title up from 32px to 31px
10-15 Removed the "Amaranth" font from the header title and change font size to 39px from 40px. Also changed padding from 17px 0 0 to 16px 0 0. Also changed transition for moz, webkit, and "transition" lines from 140ms to 139ms. (5 changes)
16, 17 In the header sub title (H2) Changed the font size from 13 to 12 and removed the 'Amaranth' font. Also changed the hovor color from #009bd9 to #009bd8
18-43 Changed the listed location of every instance of the PIE.htc file (25 total changes)
44-55 Changed every occurance of 20px be it 120px or 20px to 19px. (11 changes)
56-61 Changed every occurance of #888 to #888888 (6 changes)
62-73 Removed entire ipad tweaks section (11 lines and 11 changes)
74-81 Changed every occurance of the color #f6f6f6 to #f6f6f7 (7 changes)
82-86 Changed every occurance of the color #c8c8c8 to #c8c8c9 (4 changes)
87-96 Changed the listed location for every image (9). (Next topic, can someone copyright a simple web element such as a line with a dropshadow, or a box with a gradient).
97-117 Changed every occurance of the color #f4f4f4 to #f4f4f3 (20 changes)
118-123 Removed 5 lines of copyright claim (5)
124-147 Changed evey #fff to #ffffff (23 changes)
148-153 Changed evey #ddd to #dddddd (6 changes)
154-159 Changed evey #444 to #444444 (6 changes)
160-250 And just for fun; Changed every 1px to 1.1px (90 changes)

New changes summary:
Total lines of code 918
Total lines changed or removed: 250
Total line changes in percentage: 37% of all lines changed or removed.

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