Better CSS Editing
  1. Create a new page on your site called css
  2. Goto /_admin > Appearance & Behavior > Themes
  3. Click the "External" button at the top of the page. (Note, sometimes this page loads slowly, you may need to click the External button again.)
  4. In the form field enter /css/code/1

Place all of your CSS on the new page but instead of using [[module CSS]] use [[code type="css"]] and close it with [[/code]]. In other words, your page will look like this:

[[code type="css"]]

All of your CSS will go here


You can now easily edit your CSS on a standard page within your wikidot site without using the admin panel and all CSS on your /css page will apply to all pages on your site and keep you individual pages cleaner (and better for SEO). The best part about this is that you can now also take advantage of the page revert feature to roll your site-wide CSS back to a stable state, in case you happened to break something without understanding why.

Here is a working sample: